Council decries rate of unqualified teachers in Nigeria schools

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, (TRCN) has raised alarm over the recruitment of unqualified teachers by private schools across Nigeria saying it portends serious danger.

The registrar of the council, Josiah Ajiboye, said this on Wednesday during the Annual School Needs Exhibition, 8th edition with the theme “Education without borders”.

Mr Ajiboye said it was important for school owners nationwide to recruit only qualified, registered and licensed teachers.

“We cannot afford to leave the education of our youth in the hands of unqualified persons who might cause some devastation to their future,” he said.

Mr Ajiboye, who was represented by the Deputy Director, Private Schools Abel Olaniran said there will be ”lesser crimes, low insecurity, high national growth, responsible citizens with high moral values if our youth are educated through the proper sources and channels”.

According to him, the practice of recruiting unqualified teachers is ”unlawful, counterproductive and can cause devastating effects on our education system”.

“The TRCN Act 3 of 1993 section 17(2) affirms that it is a crime for any individual to teach, use the identity of a teacher or earned a reward of a teacher without being registered and licensed by TRCN. Such a person on conviction is liable to a fine or jail term or both,” he said.

Similarly , the convener of the ASNE 2018 exhibition, Emen Opashi said the aim was to connect businesses and education suppliers to the education community.

“Our aim is to connect businesses and education suppliers to the education community. We want new innovation in the education system and we want educators to be exposed to the innovation themselves,” he said.

She said education is one of the most overlooked continuous development components that people do not take into consideration.

Meanwhile, Anthony Oni, an exhibitionist said the programme has brought a lot of partners together to improve the education system.

Mr Oni, who is the executive director of Be Better Foundation, said his organisation has developed curricula that will help autistic persons.

He said the lack of sufficient awareness in respect to autism is what ”makes parent shut their children indoor”.

“With the resources we have created, which is the first indigenous era of video on autism, this will create more awareness and help people understand what autism is, how to engage and have proper conversation with children with the spectrum,” he said.

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