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You can become impactful if… — Olusola Areogun


You can become impactful if… — Olusola Areogun

Reverend Olusola Areogun

Reverend Olusola Areogun, the presiding minister of the Dream Centre, Osogbo in Osun State, has said that the ultimate essence of man’s creation is to become impactful on people around him and the society.

To live up to this God’s intention for creation, he said every man should focus on three areas of life which are intimacy, accuracy and impact.

Reverend Areogun said everyone who wants to live an impactful live will be accurate in every area of life, while being accurate widens the level of impact made, as intimacy with others sharpens the accuracy which makes the impact flow.

As he said: “Our accuracy determines our impact and every area where you are getting it right in accuracy will widen the impact, intimacy sharpens your accuracy and your impact begins to flow,” Areogun said.

He said this while speaking on the theme: “Maximizing The Influence Of Carriers of Special Grace” as a guest minister at the this year’s celebration of “Charis Day” celebration held at Charis Family International Church headquarters, Cultural Centre road, Mokola, Ibadan.

Rev Areogun said “the things of God are not given to those who are naturally best but those He trusts,” hence, he charged that people should not spend the bulk of your time getting it right but all they should do now is getting better.

“Getting it right is accuracy, getting better is making progress,” he said.

With biblical reference from Romans 1:5-7, Acts 11:19-26, Ephesians 2:8-9 and Titus 2:11, he taught on various forces that operate in an individual as natural forces, such as “talents, special abilities and skills, which he said look like grace but is not.

Similarly, he said there are demonic forces, divine forces, there are callings, anointing and the grace of God.

He said every member of a family has a critical member, which he said opens the door to the flow of the divine.

Likewise, the cleric said there are two dimensions of grace, “the disposition of God and the donation of God.”

He said “the disposition of God is the willingness to use His power on our behalf. The donation of God is common to all mankind and there is no discrimination,” but that “God did not plan for our mind to lead our spirit.

The preacher admonished that “there are different types of special graces that exists as ministry grace, assignment level grace and special solution level grace,” noting that ministry grace is on two levels, believer’s level and calling level, which he said is “for serving in offices believers didn’t train for.”

As he said, “oratory is talent and not grace but utterance is grace. There is a difference between an orator and oracle. An orator depends on his talents but an oracle depends on God.

According to him, “callings are outlets of grace, special grace on specific individuals make difficult zones of life easy for people. Every minister of God is a junction box for grace.

As Christians, Rev Areogun said while we have equal sonship, we don’t have equal assignment or grace, revealing that there are three ways to tap into grace, which are “sonship, service and seed.”

He thereby charged every believer to “find their grace, educate their grace, deploy their grace, increase their grace and perpetrate it to the next generation.”

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