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Yam exports will not cause scarcity —Yam Farmers Association


Yam exports will not cause scarcity —Yam Farmers Association

THE Secretary General of the Yam Farmers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria,  Isa Adams has assured Nigerians that the farmers will produce enough yam for export and local consumption.

Adams, who was responding to the fears of Nigerians that there may be yam scarcity following the recent yam export flagged off by the Federal Government, said farmers will double their production to satisfy local demand and export.

Speaking with Nigerian Tribune, Adams said the recent yam export which is open to anyone who wants to partake will boast the economy and encourage farmers to produce more, adding that “people will be astonished that Nigeria will be filled up with yams in due cause, for now, we have about 29 states that are ready to produce yam, so yam will not be scarce in Nigeria.

“Anyone who said that yam export is not good; the person does not love this country because if the farmer knows that someone is going to buy off his yam at the end of the harvest, he will increase production.

“We have just started yam exportation, not that we have not been exporting. Some exportation has been happening behind the door which does not contribute to the GDP growth of this country, we have not identified anybody as an exporter of yam.”

Speaking further, Mr Adams said the Association is collaborating with International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to train the farmers on the type of yams to be grown for export.

“We are collaborating with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to train farmers on the types of yam that is for consumption and the type of yam that is for export, at the end, the farmers gain more.

“We are collaborating with relevant stakeholders, all the farmers need to do is to grow yam for international standard, we are partnering IITA, they assured us that they will train our farmers, we are trying to put things right in the states and local government, we will go to countries that have been exporting yams and see how they have been training their farmers, then we will come back and replicate it here.”

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