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Sleep Apnea Snoring Noise Affects the Health of the Non Snoring Partner Too


Sleep Apnea Snoring Noise Affects the Health of the Non Snoring Partner Too

Sleep apnea can be a serious even life-threatening condition. Although snoring and sleep apnea are not necessarily synonymous, snoring is usually the attention getter for the non snoring partner.

If you notice even brief pauses in the breathing or snoring of your partner during their sleep, he or she may be showing signs of sleep apnea. Only a trained medical professional can determine if a sleep apnea condition exists and an in-depth sleep study may be called for.

A little known fact is that snoring, sleep apnea or both do not necessarily cause sleep loss for the person who is snoring, although this can be an unwelcomed side effect. A critical factor that receives even less attention is the resulting sleep loss and insomnia, which has a direct health impact on the non snoring partner. People who have partners with snoring sleep apnea often endure serious side effects of their own. Everything from headaches, listlessness, poor concentration, dangerous driving conditions, and even life-threatening heart conditions can result from the erratic sleep patterns experienced by partners of sleep apnea snoring sufferers.

This very real problem that is experienced by partners and spouses of people who snore regularly, is on the increase in direct proportion to the near epidemic increase in snoring related sleep and health problems worldwide. That being said, overcoming what is referred to as the awareness factor can be a very daunting task for the non-snoring partner. The difficulty lies in the fact that the person who snores generally has little or no appreciation for the impact that the snoring is likely to be having on their spouse. Sometimes, unfortunately, this issue goes completely unresolved. Even if the person who is snoring is dedicated to finding a solution, there are very few actual snore snoring cures that really work.

This sends the insomniac partner on a quest to find a way to mitigate the snoring noise issue. Once again they are faced with an awareness issue. Only this time it is their own awareness or lack thereof. Unfortunately with the help of misleading advertising. Most people believe that ear blocking devices such as earplugs and noise canceling headphones can prevent them from hearing typical snoring sounds to the extent that they can ignore it and fall asleep. However this is simply not true for most people, because of a dynamic of human hearing known as bone conduction. In the case of snoring, bone conduction refers to the portion of the apnea snoring sound that is absorbed through skin, flesh and bone and actually bypasses the outer ear altogether. The sound qualities of snoring, happen to be perfectly suited for traveling through these materials very efficiently.

People are usually shocked to learn about the scientific fact that 50% and sometimes even more of the snoring sound can reach the middle and inner ear, even if they had no outer ear at all. For this reason, there really is no way to achieve this pseudo-deftness that people believe is possible. The only true way to be able to ignore sleep apnea snoring is by keeping the inner ear occupied with sounds that are capable of hiding the sound of the snoring turning on and off. This technique is known as sound masking. Historically people have used the generic masking sound known as white noise for a variety of different uses. The problem with white noise based products, is that white noise is very poorly suited for masking the sounds of typical snoring profiles. In fact white noise is proven to be less than 50% effective in masking the sounds of common snoring. This results in one of two scenarios; 1) The snore noise victim increases the volume of the white noise to damaging levels,. 2) They continue to listen to snoring sounds, now mixed with white noise.

In the advent of some emerging technologies, the good news is that some snore targeted masking sounds have been developed that work surprisingly well. People all over the world have already found that they can mask the sounds of snoring without using excessive volume levels and get their badly needed sleep, even while remaining in the same room with their partner. This was previously not possible. One of the big benefits of these snore masking sounds, is that they are immediately available to snore noise victims anywhere in the world and at any time of the night. Another unique benefit that this technique offers is the fact that you are not required to purchase any dedicated hardware and this keeps the cost very low. Most people already own the hardware that they would need, which is simply some type of digital audio device ranging from modern cell phones to MP3 players or higher-end digital devices.

While it may not be possible to eliminate the source of the snoring noise or create a pseudo-deafness scenario, it is now possible to efficiently mask the snoring noise, so you can get your sleep.

Source by Brian J McKenna

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