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Polaris unveils high resolution digital imagery at workshop

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Polaris unveils high resolution digital imagery at workshop

The 2016 edition of the Discovery Day Lagos Workshop was held on Thursday, December 8 at the Oriental Hotel Victoria Island, Lagos.

The event organized by Polaris Digitech Limited – Nigeria’s premier geospatial business solutions company, in conjunction with Digital Globe, the world’s leading provider of high –resolution Earth imagery, data and analysis, had in attendance key stakeholders in business and politics and focused on how satellite imagery and its remote sensing abilities can enable government and businesses to make better decisions, and be more effective in their operations.

Unveiling the manifold applications of satellite imagery was the core focus of the event, and speaker after speaker  at the event highlighted its uses for non-security and defence related purposes with reference to key sectors such as mining, agriculture, telecommunications, shipping, aircraft operations, and insurance. The need for businesses to know about the technology, and understand how their environment can impact their operations, becoming a deciding factor between profit and loss informed the need for the workshop.

The Nigerian government and people need not be left behind by the rest of the world in the use of cutting edge technology in solving a myriad of business, agricultural, security and other planning challenges faced by the country.

As Mr. Niyi Okuboyejo, the MD of Polaris Digitech put it, “We live in an information age and Nigerian businesses and government cannot afford not to move with the times, and tide of technology as there are unique business insights that can be provided by combining remote sensing, predictive analytics, and geospatial technology for decision making.”

He pointed out that in a recession, every decision, both on a personal level and at the level of a business must be well thought out, and based on data as failure is not an option.

Okuboyejo said, “Location Intelligence is the mantra for businesses nowadays, and satellite technology is a very key dataset in the matrix because in today’s world, it is no longer the more you look the less you see but the more you look the more you see. Justice can be blind but business cannot afford to be blind.”

Digital Globe EMEA Sales Manager, Mr. J.D Tragus, in his presentation showed the awesomeness of satellite technology with the clarity and conciseness of their 30 cm high resolution imagery which could be used to monitor construction and industrial projects.

The capacity of the technology to secure food supply for a growing population; track, quantify, and evaluate population density; document and validate land records, even as it could detect new buildings and shapes was only a tip off the iceberg of the multifarious uses of satellite imagery. It can also help resolve the ongoing farmer/ herdsmen challenges in the country as it could track the grazing routes for monitoring of both parties.


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