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LG electronics restates commitment to eco-friendly products


LG electronics restates commitment to eco-friendly products

LG Electronics has said that it is a strong advocate of a responsible environmental stewardship and has established a track record of producing eco-friendly appliances, like air conditioners and other products designed to help users reduce energy consumption.

To this end, the company in a statement stated that in order to help reduce hazardous substances, such as heavy metals and chemicals in its products, that the company has committed itself fully to promoting such ideals. It added that obviously, it is part of the company’s vision to increase the recyclability of its products and allow for easy disposal at the end of the product’s lifespan and promote more eco-friendly environment.

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr Taeick Son said: “We in LG are fully committed to having more of Greenhouse products to protect the environment from hazardous impact which could spell doom for mankind. We have deliberately adopted it as a policy which means, at every strata of production, we are conscious of the fact that the environment must be kept safe for all live in and that is what LG Electronics stands for.”

Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal stages. These products help to preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could possibly produce. Consumers should be aware that eco-friendly products can be newly-developed or from recycled materials that eventually become brown new products.

LG Electronics, according to the statement released last week said, as a socially responsible organisation, that it was ever ready to promote this agenda by producing products that are not only eco-friendly but sustainable over a period of time with greater consumer appeal.

“There is the need to have more energy conserving products that will ensure the consumers are safe within the ecosystem. We find this innovations in LG’s products which includes; Refrigerators, TVs, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners etc, this move earned it an award which was written at the back of its nearly 300 ENERGY STAR certified models in the past, by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency for continuing leadership in protecting the environment with energy efficient consumer electronics,” added Son.

He stated further, “However, recently, LG did not only commit itself to offering the most user-efficient products, but also to improving the well-being of its consumers and their shared environment. By implication, it will be abiding by the management principles of “Customer-Value creation” and “People-Oriented Management,” the company follows a CSR framework system based on CSR change management, CSR risk management, stakeholders’ engagement and strategic social contribution. The company’s efforts to increase the number of carbon-free, energy-efficient products can save consumers millions of naira in electricity costs and diminish greenhouse gas emission drastically.”

The LG Multi V 5, according to Son, is a perfect example that offers ultimate energy management by analysing data to forecast energy usage preventing users from exceeding consumption guidelines. He added that its Inverter compressor also increase part load efficiency and enhances its ability to reach the desired temperature while the Ocean black Fin protects against corrosive substances and industrial pollution.

“Only recently at the just-concluded 2017 West Africa HVAC, LG displayed an array of its products to include; Multi V IV Pro, Multi V S outdoor, 4WAY Cassette, Floor standing 5HP and of course the All New Gen Cool AC (18k BTU) to the admiration of participants. Remarkably, LG inverter compressor technology has set a standard in the industry and one of the most advanced energy efficient compressor in all its cooling systems.

“The inverter Linear Compressor enables refrigerators to consume 32 percent less energy and produce 25 per cent less noise. While in the Air Conditioners, it enables it to cool air up to 40 per cent faster than normal which in the process saves up to 70 per cent energy compared to conventional air conditioners,” he stated.

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