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I see no reason why graduates should sit at home – Odunayo


I see no reason why graduates should sit at home – Odunayo

In this interview with NIKE POPOOLA, the Chief Executive Officer, Bajmajic Beauty Artistry, Obajimi Odunayo, 22, talks about her passion for beauty business.

What is your educational qualification?

 I graduated from Babcock University in 2016 with a BSc. in computer science. Now, I am the Chief Executive of BajMajic Beauty Artistry, a makeup brand that provides makeup services for all occasions, either in our studio in Lagos or anywhere the client is located.

 Did you go for any training before starting your business?

 Just before I started my business in August 2016, I enrolled for brief master class training with Mimi Suleiman. Even though the crash programme was to last for one week, I could attend for only two days due to the rigour of my primary assignment during my National Youth Service at the time.

 Was starting the business capital intensive?

 I started my business with savings from my NYSC allowances. Yes, one needs money but I don’t think it’s unbearable. Besides paying for training, one needs a couple of products but the good thing about starting a business is that you can start small.

 One needs to buy the most important things first. A scale of preference is very important in starting a business. Over time, you can then buy more.  Like I tell my students, it is not about the quantity of products you have but how you use them.

 What does the work of a makeup artist entail?

 Being a makeup artist involves a whole lot. Makeup is an art. It involves beautifying God’s creations. There are so many face shapes, skin tones, face features and so on. I see every client’s face as a canvas and knowing how to work on different types is the first step.

 Moving to customer satisfaction, people have different tastes and opinions and how they want to look or how they want their friends to look. All these demands and expectations constitute the challenges and thrills in the business.

As a makeup artist, one should be able to distinguish between good and bad makeup, so when a client starts requesting for something a practitioner knows is negative in the makeup rule, then the beauty artist has to strike a balance. Patience with people is key; good human relations is ultimate.

 From the business angle, my marketing strategy involves frequent shoots and deployment on all platforms on social media. Most importantly, my job speaks for me. When clients are satisfied, they are admired by friends and relatives and they spread my brand.

 Is the awareness of people about the need for professional makeup artists good enough?

 The awareness of people to use professional makeup artists is on the rise every day. All intending brides, bridal trains and other celebrants, being the centre of attraction at their events, want to look their best.  In addition, more and more faces and followers appear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c and each of these faces want to look glamorous.

 What motivates you on the job?

 What motivates me the most is the joy that comes from within when I see my handwork and the happiness on my client’s face. Seeing a bare face transform is beautiful. Comments, reposts and likes on social media are exhilarating, besides the profit that comes from it. The support and encouragement from my parents, siblings and friends is also heart-warming. To crown it all, the inspiration from God Almighty has been awesome.

 What advice do you have for jobless graduates?

To be honest, I see no reason why a graduate should sit down at home and wait for manna to fall from heaven or keep praying for a miracle to happen when the answer is in your hands.

 Unemployed and under-employed graduates should enrol for skill acquisition and vocational training through NGOs, state governments and Federal Government entrepreneurship programmes. There are so many businesses to invest in. There are so many things to do with your hands with little training that will fetch you income.

 The Bible enjoins us to pray that God may bless the work of our hands, not idle hands. There is also an adage that says the idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Keep thinking, keep doing and see how God will bless the work of your hands.

 What advice do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?

 If you are an upcoming entrepreneur or you are thinking whether or not to start a business, my advice is that you should just start.

 As I always tell everyone, there is never a perfect time to start anything because the more you postpone, the more people get into that business and start making the waves you were supposed to have made.

 I remember when I wanted to start my business. I had so much fear and confusion in me. Yes, the few people that knew about my intention encouraged me but there was this one person that really discouraged me. She gave me a million reasons why I shouldn’t go into the business and made me see all the negative sides of it.

 Sincerely, it took God’s grace to shake it off and ignore all she said because her negativity got me thinking for days. I really thank God I ignored her; now she’s waiting to join our next batch of students at our new studio. So you see, you just have to ignore the negative comments and start from somewhere.

What level do you see your company/business attaining in the next five years?

 In the next five years, by God’s grace; I see BajMajic Beauty Artistry travelling worldwide, impacting more lives of the young generation through empowerment programs, transforming faces and making people look stunning.

 Also, I see BajMajic Beauty Artistry shooting so high up to the point of having our own popular makeup products and tools.


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