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Epidemic looms in Niger ministries


Epidemic looms in Niger ministries

…as workers defecate on toilet floors

Enyioha Opara, Minna

Investigation has revealed that epidemic may break out in Niger State ministries following the unhygienic state of the toilets at the state secretariat.

There are fears that many of the workers may have contacted infectious diseases from the dirty toilets.

Investigations by our correspondent indicate that most workers defecate on toilet floors on account of the bad condition of the public convenience in the ministries.

Northern City News learnt on Sunday that the company in charge of cleaning the toilets had refused to carry out its duties.

It was also gathered that the company failed to provide disinfectants to those it engaged to clean the facilities.

A ministry worker, Yahaya lbrahim, attributed the situation to the decay in the civil service and the failure of the government to carry out proper oversight.

He said, “Because of the decay in the civil service, people took laws into their hands and this has affected the service adversely. Before now, what obtained was that you have cleaners who come to work early and do the cleaning before the officers come to work but now the reverse is the case.”

He called for the revocation of the contracts awarded to the contractor for non-performance.

“As far as I am concerned, the company the Niger State government engaged has outlived its usefulness and there is the need to replace it, otherwise infectious disease will claim the lives of civil servants in the state,” Ibrahim added.

A cleaner, named with-held for fear that she may be victimised, blamed inadequate water supply for the terrible state of the toilets.

She said, “Every morning, I used to go down downstairs to fetch water from the well before I can clean the toilets and offices, it is quite laborious. We don’t have disinfectants and other materials to work with; we are left with nothing; that is why the toilets remained dirty.”

The Public Relations Officer, ministry of health, Maryam Erena, declined comment.


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