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7 nutrient deficiencies that make people sick


7 nutrient deficiencies that make people sick

Nutrient deficiencies can cause many health problems in the body and wreck one’s overall well-being. Below are seven of the common nutrients that most people lack:


You might think that “iodine” is just one type of salt that may be used in lieu of Kosher and rock salt, but iodine is actually a mineral that will blow your mind in terms of the many ways it can help you and your body become healthy – all this, through a package as tiny as a grain of salt. Primarily, iodine is very good for encouraging your body to develop efficient metabolism, balancing unstable hormones in your body, ridding you of mood swings and giving you a certain peace of mind, and bringing about the death of unhealthy, used cells in place for new, fresh ones.

One of the most visually drastic and physically imposing effects of having an iodine deficiency is the risk of developing goiter, as your thyroid gland makes itself larger in an attempt to keep up with the hormonal demands of your body. Expecting mothers should also be on the lookout for iodine deficiency, as it has been associated with the risk of miscarriage, or delivering the baby too early or in stillbirth.

Vitamin B12

One of 8 B vitamins, vitamin B12 is an essential component that holds a slew of benefits and keeps your body healthy and running smoothly. Primarily, it is responsible for keeping your red blood cells, as well as the nerves in your body, lively and fresh. One of vitamin B12’s major contributions to your body is its ability to convert carbohydrates in your system into the glucose and energy that you need.

Regular intake of vitamin B12 also ensures that your hair, skin, and even nails are healthy and strong. It also helps regulate the nervous system, lessening the risk of stress and depression.

Developing a vitamin B12 deficiency means risking a wide variety of symptoms, which include becoming easily fatigued or tired, feeling light-headed, having pale skin, bruising easily, sensitivity, and, in general, experiencing a weakened body. These initial symptoms may further lead to numbness in certain body parts such as the toes and fingers, drastic changes in disposition, and even memory loss. There is a very real danger of incurring permanent nerve damage due to the lack of B12.

Vitamin C

Perhaps one of the most well known and famous vitamins, vitamin C has what it takes to back up its very promising reputation. The biggest boost that vitamin C offers might be the help it gives to the immune system. By helping fortify immunity, vitamin C protects the body against bacteria, infections, or sicknesses that may pose a threat to it.

Vitamin C is also a very well known antioxidant, which means that it cleanses the body of any free radicals in its system, slowing down signs of aging such as bad skin, formation of wrinkles, frail nails, and the like. Although vitamin C might not be the answer to the common cold, it has been shown that having a healthy supply of it can and does lead to the experience of shorter and milder colds.


Though magnesium might not be the first word that pops up when you think of minerals that are good and important for your body, it is actually essential to maintaining your body’s health. One of the main uses for magnesium in your body has to do with the efficient absorption of calcium into your system. Because of this, magnesium holds a versatile set of benefits for your body, ranging from preventing osteoporosis by strengthening the body’s bones, lowering the risk of many cardiovascular diseases, regulating diabetes by controlling the glucose in your system, and even preventing the incidence of mood swings and depression.

In contrast to the benefits, magnesium deficiency will lead to the risk of developing osteoporosis and weak, frail bones in general, experiencing bouts of sudden anxiety attacks or cases of irritability, and the danger of acquiring an abnormal heart rhythm and other heart issues.


True to its counterpart used in the construction of sturdy and strong buildings, bridges, and houses, the iron in your body will keep you just as healthy and strong as a real life iron man. Iron plays a very important role with regard to the blood in your system, forming the hemoglobin in your blood, aiding in the distribution of oxygen to the rest of your body through the blood, and even giving blood its dark red tint. Iron also aids in maintaining the health of both your muscles and brain, and in keeping your body temperature in check. The immune system is also reinforced by iron.

Due to the importance of iron in our bodies, suffering from an iron deficiency can lead to some very grave consequences. A deficiency in iron may cause the experience of symptoms such as an increased sense of fatigue during physical exertions, a weakened immune system which renders a body prone to sickness, irregular sleeping patterns and possibly insomnia, fragile bones, sudden hair loss, bad skin, and other signs of aging, and mood swings.


Zinc may be one of the last minerals on your mind, at least alphabetically, but its deep and diverse perks and benefits that it provides your body should make it one of the first. As with the other prominent and useful vitamins and minerals, zinc is essential in boosting and improving the performance of your immune system. Zinc also plays a huge role in maintaining and promoting the efficiency and longevity of the cells in your body, specifically ensuring the health, further growth, and strength of your muscles and bones.

Moreover, zinc replenishes your skin by providing fresh and new cells which are free of antioxidants, and even keeps your hair and nails youthful and healthy. It should also be noted that zinc is important in building the reproductive cells of both men and women, thus being a vital vitamin for fertility.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E might as well be known as “Vitamin Energy” as it is one of the vitamins that will aid your body in recapturing that youthful, energetic look and feel.  Vitamin E acts as a very effective antioxidant, cleansing your body of free radicals and other toxins that accelerate signs of aging while protecting your heart, lungs, and other important organs and systems in your body.

It is quite effective at preventing the formation of blood clots and consequently reduces the risk of heart disease as well. This wonder vitamin is also helpful in the strengthening and coloring of your hair, skin, and nails.


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